Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips was the product I was given to make an ad for. It is a chapstick that will keep your lips smooth all day long after only one application. However, the side effects are dry mouth and lip swelling. Both the print ad and the web ad feature the product in a range of different colors signifying the different varieties or flavors and scents of the product. On the web ad, the products are in a circle with the text in the middle asking the potential consumer which type she would choose, but they all will result in all day long smooth lips. The print ad features the products in a straight line on the bottom with the same text as the web ad above it, giving off the same message. However, the print ad also has a picture of “luscious lips” above the text to show the potential consumer what their lips will look like after they use Luscious Lips chapstick. The question, “Which one will you choose…” is bigger on both ads to emphasize the benefits of the chapstick, but the side effects are in a smaller font in order to draw the potential consumer’s attention away from the negative aspects of the product. The fonts and colors used in both ads are soft, and bold to draw in attention, but in a feminine way because the product is made for women.

thevenot_web ad promotion

thevenot_print ad promotion


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